Vector & Young6ix May Not Have Gotten Their Facts Right about the Rap World Record

July 16, 2017 2:20 am 0

Just recently, Nigerian rappers Vector and Young6ix made known their intention to host a 13-hour rap challenge in a bid to beat the existing world record which stands at 9 hours and is held by Canadian rapper Chiddy Bang.

Sadly, that information is far from being correct, as Chiddy Bang’s record, which was secured in 2011, had long been beaten. As of this moment, the world record for longest rap is owned by a Spanish rapper who goes by the name, Arkano. He broke the record after he rapped non-stop for 24 hours, 34 minutes, and 27 seconds.

Before Arkano took the crown, it was previously owned by an American rapper called Murs who rapped for 24 hours and 15 seconds. So, for Vector and Young6ix to pop up and say they want to take the crown by rapping for 13 hours only shows they didn’t get their facts right about the whole Guinness World Record for longest rap.

More so, the rap challenge promo video which was uploaded by Planet TV, showed Vector and other rappers in a state that wasn’t in synchrony with his proposed rap contest, as it pretty much looked like the whole idea sprung from a beer parlor after heavy intake of liquids with intoxicants. As you know, such liquids can grace the mind with enormous ideas.

Be that as it may, the proposed rap event is greatly awaited by rap lovers. The only problem would be that Vector and Young6ix won’t go anywhere near breaking the Guinness World Record for longest rap with their 13-hour rap record. They can only thrill fans with a mind blowing performance and powerful lyrics.

But then again, if Vector and Young6ix are really interested in registering their names on the sands of time as the breakers of the world record for longest rap, they will have to shift the goal by a double – (26-hour rap record). We believe they can do it!!! Do you???

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