Intl. Star, Wyclef Jean Pays Tribute to Fela Kuti, As He Titles His New Song “Fela Kuti”

July 16, 2017 2:25 am 0

The late Afrobeat king has been remembered for the great success he achieved while alive, as International Music Star, Wyclef Jean, has made to pay tribute to the late music legend, Fela Kuti, by naming his new song after him.

Having revolutionized music by giving the Nigerian people a voice through melodious sound in his time, the legend has had a lot of tributes to his name since his passing. His actions touched and still touches the hearts of many folks today, including international music star, Wyclef Jean, who has made to title his new song “FELA KUTI.”

The award-winning American singer disclosed that the said track falls into his forthcoming album titled “Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee.” Many Nigerians wondered what Fela Kuti possibly had in common with a singer like Wyclef Jean to make him pay such tribute to him. Addressing this, Wyclef put some similarities together. In his words;

“Fela Kuti studied Jazz in England, Wyclef Jean studied Jazz at Vailsburg High School. Fela Kuti then went back to his country and tried to help his country by running for president. Wyclef Jean, you know, did the same thing. Fela Kuti was produced by Supah Mario, with Wyclef deciding to work with the producer after hearing his work on Young Thug’s song, titled Wyclef Jean. This is what happens when you put two generations that inspire each other together.”

Further revealing his reason for naming the song after Fela Kuti, Wyclef Jean said;

“I decided to name it Fela Kuti because, for me, I feel like we’ve been thinking of Bob Marley. We give a lot of people from our past props. So, when the kids hear Fela Kuti, I really want them to Google it. The same way kids can have songs called Wyclef Jean who are influenced by me, I want kids to know who Fela Kuti is and what he means.”

Indeed, the greatest success in life is to be remembered even after you are gone. Long live Fela Kuti’s name!!!

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