I’m A Cheat, Just like Every Other Guy – Ice Prince Reveals in Exclusive Interview with LIB

February 19, 2017 7:25 pm 0

Rapper Ice Prince just confirmed the popular allegation that all guys are incapable of remaining faithful to their ladies, thereby cheating on them no matter the amount of love the lady showers on them. In an exclusive interview with LIB, the rapper revealed how growing up as an orphan helped shaped his life and made him who he is today.

He also revealed he’s the one with a problem in all his relationships, as he always ends up cheating, just like every other guy. Responding to questions of cheating and being cheated on, the rapper said;

“I wouldn’t know if I’ve been cheated on by any of my girlfriends. I haven’t caught any of them cheating on me before. Actually, I always mess up. It’s never them messing up. It always me. I have been blessed to date some of the very nicest girls. I take my time before I get into relationships and I have been blessed to have some amazing women come in my life. But I always mess up.”

“Many times, I cheat just like any other guy. And sometimes I’m caught cheating or checking out somebody else. It is not something I’m proud of but I’m just being honest.”

When LIB tried to determine what could be the factors that contribute to the rapper’s infidelity, only one thing could come to mind, and that was social media. So LIB enquired of the rapper to confirm whether their guess was right. LIB asked; “Can we say social media has a part to play in this?” In response, the rapper said;

“I wouldn’t blame it on social media because I can’t be reached on social media. I don’t reply dms. That is because I feel the ‘dm’ is where the ‘devil meets’. My dms are crazy. And every time I open my dms, the first five messages already make me want to close it because it’s full of bullshit. All the people I’ve had anything to do with met me in real life, hung out in real life, and played in real life.”

The very inquisitive LIB still questioned the rapper about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Maima, asking if he had ever cheated on her. The rapper confidently responded thus;

“Yeah. I did. I don’t know why, but guys just cheat.”

LIB finally asked Ice Prince if Maima had cheated on him before, and the rapper said;

“I never catch Maima cheating. I’ve never thought or suspected she was cheating. I think she was 100% honest with me. Maima was very good to me. However, we are not together anymore.”

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