Despite All The Cash I Spent On You, You Didn’t Blow!!! – Young6’s Ex-Sponsor Slams Him

July 16, 2017 2:30 am 0

The former sponsor of Nigerian rap artiste, Young6ix, has called out the rapper for living a fake life and claiming to be a high-class personality after failing to make it to the musical spotlight despite his investment on the rap artiste.

It was like a tug-of-war, as Young6ix and his ex-sponsor stormed on IG to call each other out. But his ex-sponsor who goes by the name, T-Fame, made some shocking revelations about the rapper that has raised eyebrows. He said;

“I’ve been quiet for a long time but I now have your time. Fake broke ass nigga forming celeb and you ain’t got no shit. You are the one that owes me. After all the money I spent on you, you still didn’t blow. Instead, you’re fighting over bitches. So you’re still pained that I don’t give you money anymore? Ungrateful bastard!!! Say no more boy!!!”

“Let’s meet up man to man because I want to beat the shit out of you. Amadioha fall on you 100 times!!! Young6ix is an empty fool who can’t pay his bills. He fooled me for years and I spent a lot on the fool. When I realized he was using me, I stopped talking with him. That pained him and he started telling everyone I’m fake, yet I’m the one who supported him and helped him all through.”

“Young6ix is a small rat who posts people’s cars online. I linked him up with those helping his stinking ass today. Any car you see on my page is mine and paid for. But the only car Young6ix has was given to him. He didn’t buy it.”

Well, that was just a scratch of the surface of T-Fame’s blast. Young6ix also fired back with unlikely words, turning everything into a word battle. Fans have, however, picked the part where T-Fame said Young6ix was living a fake life. Given the whole Dammy Krane saga, they didn’t relent in believing that Young6ix is no different and will be busted like Dammy Krane soon.

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