Demmie Vee Is the Real Reason 2face Fired Dammy Krane—another Hypertek Insider Alleges

June 19, 2017 4:31 am 0

The reports that Nigerian singer Dammy Krane was kicked out of Hypertek Digital because of his failure to uphold to his terms of contract with the label has been altered by another insider who claims that Afrocentric singer, Demmie Vee is the actual reason 2face cut Dammy Krane off the umbrella of Hypertek Digital.

According to the said insider, 2face dropped Dammy Krane once he got a hold of this young artiste named Demmie Vee, who happens to be extremely gifted with singing and is also a prolific beat maker.

The source also revealed that the Afrocentric singer has all the while been in some sort of musical “fattening room” where he’s been undergoing some grooming by 2baba until recently when he was silently let off the reserved bench with a song and video titled “Awesome God” featuring 2baba himself.

A recent viral video of the artiste and 2baba in the studio displays them all coupled up in a father and son mode, further validating the claim. It was even alleged that the African Queen crooner had made him his successor, as he was seen praying for him in a church via a photo that is still in circulation.

In addition to the different photos of 2face and Demmie Vee that are making rounds on air, it was also revealed that 2baba has so much love with the singer, to the extent of having unending studio sessions with him. Reports have it that they have produced about three tracks that are yet to be released.

However, it’s been discovered that Demmie Vee is signed to a label named HND (Hope Never Die) which belongs to a highly revered businessman, King Owomabo. To this end, it is unclear whether or not 2face’s Hypertek relationship with Demmie Vee is just a management deal or something more.

Nonetheless, 2face is mad over the singer as if he was his beloved signee. Demmie Vee has been dragged into the studio for collabos just because of his voice. One of those industry big shots who is reportedly feeling the young dude is the iconic ingenious Pop star, 9ice, who other unconfirmed sources say has done a soon to be released work with Demmie Vee.

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